For you I have prayed..

Earlier this year I put out the word that I wanted to give back and give a session to a family who having portraits made was the last thing on their minds for any variety of reasons.  Not long after the word was out I received this email…


“Hi Heather! My cousin’s daughter & her husband just had their first baby last Monday. He was born a month early because Brittney had a lung condition & scarring from a really bad case of pneumonia when she was a small child.Anyway- they had to do a c-section because her breathing was so strained. All went well. They thought baby Cash was perfectly healthy & was to come home from the hospital this past Friday….then the docs discovered he has a heart defect. He iscurrently atMUSC in the Pediatric Coronary ICU &is scheduled for surgery in the morning at 10 am. Please pray all will go well. He has a narrowing of his aorta that is preventing adequate blood flow to the lowerportion of his body. He will be in ICU & then in the hospital for 3 to 4 weeks.

…they are such a sweet little family & are going through a very traumatic time. Their expenses are going to be through the roof. They’ve been staying in a hotel close to the hospital because the Ronald McDonald House is booked for 3 weeks. You can see updates on my FB page…”

After reading my heart immediately went out to this sweet family and of course she sent me pictures of this precious little baby boy.  I was in love.  We prayed and stayed up to date with everyone’s condition.  Not long after a date was set..  Meet 8 month old baby Cash, perfectly healthy and the cutest little boy I have laid my eye on with the sweetest parents who love him unconditionally.

The Canady’s…





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